Looking like a ballerina!

Learning to look like a ballerina in class is an important part of a young dancers training. The right clothes and hairstyle will make sure nothing gets in your way and you the concentrate on your practice.

Please allow time before your class to put on your dancewear and do your hair.

What to wear:

For girls a leotard, tights , skirt, ballet shoes are the best items to wear when you practice. For warm up you could always wear a cross over cardigan. You should take this off when your muscles are warm

  • Ballet Shoes:

The ballet shoes I will providing are made of leather. It is important that the shoes are a good fit to show your pointed feet. A dancer shoe must be clean and have a elastic sewn on to keep them in place. The string at the front should be tied neatly in a bow and tucked out of sight.

  • Ballet Hairstyles:

Your hair should be pinned away from your face and neck. This will help to show your graceful head and neck movements and stop any hair falling in your eyes. Dancers usually wear their hair in a bun or for younger dancers you can pin their hair up in plaits. If you hair is short, you can wear a stretchy headband around your head to keep your hair neat.