The Fig Club highest goal is to keep you happy, healthy and safe! Please review our Rules and Regulations prior to attending one of our classes and visiting our very fig-y home.

Rules and Regulations
Anyone entering The Fig Club House is bound by The Fig Club rules and regulations below, and may only join the class upon this basis. Upon entering The Fig Club for whatsoever reason, the following terms will be understood. The activities of The Fig Club are of a physical nature and whether participating in The Fig Club, or using the studios or equipment for any activities whatsoever, The Fig Club accepts no liability for any physical injury, loss or damage to persons of property occurring on the premises, whether occasioned by negligence or howsoever otherwise arising.

All Classes

  • Cell phone use during classes is not allowed. All students must go to the lobby to use phones during class time.
  • Inappropriate behavior during classes is not allowed and will be brought to The Fig Club administration for review and potential revoking of membership.
  • No shoes are allowed in the studio except for ballet shoes. Please leave your shoes in the lockers provided.
  • Long hair must be up and proper attire must be worn for all classes.
  • Valuables should not be brought to the studio, as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Students will be responsible for any damage they may cause to the studio’s property.
  • There will be NO refunds for missed classes and NO make-up classes except where the said class is cancelled by the studio.
  • There will be no gum chewing allowed in the center or in class.
  • The Fig Club shall not be responsible for any injury sustained by any student in any class (dance, Yoga, fitness) or in the premises of the center.
  • Please respect The Fig Club space – we must all work together to keep it a clean & healthy environment.

Children Specific

  • Illness: Please do not attend class if your child has been sick in the last 48 hours. This includes vomiting, fever or diarrhea.
  • Never leave your child unattended.
  • Those parents who have a child that comes to class not wanting their parent to leave and begins crying, are encouraged to allow the instructor to handle the situation by handing their child over to the instructor. The crying and non participation should only last about 15 to 20 minutes. If the crying persists or gets worse after this point, the parent may be asked in to take their child out for the remainder of the class time because of classroom distraction and or other children mimicking the behavior. If this behavior becomes hysterical to where the instructor cannot facilitate their class successfully for the other students, the child may be pulled from class entirely! He or she may not be ready for a dance classroom environment and may want to try again at a later stage in his or her development.
  • Long hair must be up and proper dance attire must be worn for all classes (No sweatshirts, sweatpants or street clothes).
  • Children’s NAMES must be on all dance attire (especially shoes) – as well all outdoor shoes/boots & coats.
  • Parents are responsible for picking up their child immediately after their dance class. The Fig Club will not be held responsible for students once they have finished classes and have left the facility. Dancers are encouraged to wait inside for their parents. Please pick up your child promptly. Parents are to remain outside of the classroom at all times. It is distracting for dancers and teacher alike to have parents walking in and out while the class is in session. This results in time lost in your dancer’s lesson.
  • Communication is vital. Parents asked to check their email regularly as newsletters and updates are frequently sent out. It is the responsibility of the parent to update their current email address with The Fig Club. Please ensure that EDS emails are not being sent to your SPAM folder. Studio newsletters are also posted on our home page.